Thursday, December 15, 2011

Joy- Really

That's my name, ask me again & I'll tell ya the same.
Way back when I first got married, I made a tradition that every Christmas I would buy one thing, not expensive, marked down if possible, displaying my name.  I have collected a rather large box by now.  On top of that, I have many family & friends that can't resist getting me things with my name.

Most of the items you see in this post were given to me by friends & especially Mr. G.  Some of these things stay out all year.  Warning: I haven't opened my JOY box yet.  I hope to clear off the white shelves and display the collection this year.  

Thanks Mother & Daddy for giving me a name I have enjoyed.  So here are some of the "JOY" things around the house now.


 I made these 2 yrs. ago.

This post was linked up to .  Found some awesome photography work there.

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