Friday, December 23, 2011

New User - Embroidery Machine

Finally set down and figured this out how to embroider with my new machine.  Experimented on an old towel that I take to water aerobics by putting my name on it.  

The Ellisimo is a dream and should be since it costs as much as a cheap car!  
I followed Nancy Zeiman's video who just happens to use the same machine.  Please see the embedded video at the end of this post.
The purple dot is from a water soluble pin marking the middle of the towel.  The machine helps you automatically line up the lettering.

Hypnotic to watch it work.

It draws a quick line that it will follow.

You should hear the music it plays to let you know its finished.

I forgot to put water soluble stabilizer on top of the towel to keep the white fuzzies from mixing with the thread.  Lesson learned.  The next towel turned out a lot better.  I'll show it after it's gifted tomorrow. 

 So now my old dingy towel has my name on it.


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