Monday, December 5, 2011

Indoor Decor for Christmas: Night Version

"Weather forecast for tonight is DARK." George Carlin

Come on In!

 Moved the monster retirement rocking chair from beside the couch to here by the table.  Not really a reading nook but more  of a great place to lay your coat & hat, maybe?
 Then Mr. G. brought the armless chair of the sectional down from upstairs creating a much more comfy place to sit than that hard rocking chair.  The red pillow cover on that chair was made today from a Goodwill sweater I bought at lunchtime.  (Next year I'll remember to get a pot of dark red mums to sit by the door.  They last forever under the eve of the house.  These are actually purple.)
Tried using twinkle lights in the non-working fire place.  Not sure I like it because you can see the wires.  Looks better at night.
 Before monster rocking chair was moved. 
(I keep the heating bill down with a stairwell curtain which is closed in cold weather.)

Not today's modern decor, but comfy + country + memories in this house.  While taking over a year to get this place ready, there were many times when I wondered if it would be home.  NOW!

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  1. I adore #1,2,3,4,5 and last one.

    How lovely at night.

    I plan to add you to my list.


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