Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Border Labels for Quilts

       If there is one thing I learned when taking everything out of Mother & Daddy's house, it was to add labels and notes to things of importance so that loved ones aren't left guessing.
        One thing I would have highly appreciated was knowing who made which quilts.  Some I knew from memory and others I had no clue.
          When I finished the first Memory Quilt from Dad's shirts, I made sure I added a label.  I only plan to keep one memory quilt as the rest will be passed on to family, Caregivers and friends.
          In trying to make a label, it became very large because of all I wanted to put on the label.  

 Serendipity helped solve the problem.  I had accidentally snipped the border in one spotted.
 Look at the picture below to see how I solved both problems. 
Look closely.

I chose off white thread for the labeling.

          Therefore, the solution to repair the snip AND label the quilt was to add a border label!
 The label says, "Made by (my full name including maiden name)"
 , daughter   (month, yr quilt was finished) 6-2015 from

 (Dad's name) 's shirts
So the border label did a sufficient job of labeling & covering up the cutting mistake.
 Also, all of the information I wanted on the label isn't very intrusive.
The letters were machine stitched, so the label should stay intact for a while.

So label your quilts.  Someday, someone will want to know who made it.

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  1. Thank you for reminding us how important those names and dates are for future generations. I really like your binding labeling. Creative Labeling Bliss...


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