Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Junk Journaling ~ The Innards~ A Flip Through Signature 3

      Continuing with the flip through of this Junk Journal gift.  This is the third of 3 signatures made for this Graduation Junk Journal.  This section is more for my grand daughter's new career.


Tuesday Tutorial Teaser

Computer printed sheet downloaded from internet.
"Joy" stamp
Pocket made from folded old book page.
Markers made from junk mail card stock covered with fabric and ribbon stitched to the top.    
 Black/white strip paper bag
Computer clip art "Teachers change the world one child at a time"
 Printed computer paper from yard sale from my teaching days.
 A place to stash notes from students?
 Write of course!
 Simply a piece of cloth stitched on each end to hold a marker/note card.

 The blue is the inside of a business envelope.
 A notepad made from loose leaf filler paper.
(see below)

 On left above, address window of business envelope is a pocket to slide something like
a picture so it can be seen.
 Some of my Smiley Face stickers I had left over from teaching.
 Travel the world and mark the spots.
 A black/white picture of her father printed with computer.
Highlighted with piece of blue paper from magazine.
A corner pocket made from a song book page highlighting the title of the song.
My class loved the writing assignment when they wrote their piece in these tiny books
Just do a google search for "mini booklet" or "zine."
This tiny book is coffee stained like most of the pages in this book.

I stitched around the edge of each page to keep it from coming apart.
Something to record, and something to give an idea for a writing activity in class.

 The McGuffey Reader and grade card printouts are provided free by
Nik the Booksmith
and asks they not be sold. 
There are other free ephemras available as well.

 The grade cards were stitched to a business envelope with a blue interior,
providing space for a note.
A cloth pocket was stitch to the page to hold the cards.
 Another paper pad.
 You've probably seen these stickers come in junk mail advertising a child's magazine subscription?
 Again, not stamps, just printed from computer and coffee stained.
Another set of papers found at a yard sale.
 Just a simple flap

on a pocket made from scrap paper.
 The flap is a piece of fabric.

 By now you know the blue comes from an envelope.

Little black design note cards cut from business envelope.
The backs are blank white spaces of the envelope.

 Here's the pack of filler paper I found on my desk.
I have no clue where it came from.
The back of my mind says my Momma's sewing basket.
 I hope you have enjoyed the flip through of the 3 signatures of this journal.
Next will be "The Binding" of the Junk Journal

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