Friday, July 13, 2018

Fun or Funny Friday ~ Old Sewing Basket

 Last month Mr. G went yard sale-ing and bought me this sewing basket for $2. 00!
It's especially exciting to go through one of these when they belonged to a loved one.
It's like going through a grab bag or opening a Christmas gift.
You have no idea what you're going to get.
There was only one handle on the basket, but the basket was still nice storage.

 First I sort it all down to every pin and needle lying in the bottom of the basket.
There were 2 magnet strips that helped me collect the pins and needles.
 You can see the threads, zippers, needles, buttons and scissors to know there is over $2 worth of items.

 Wonder the story this little piece can tell?
 Just 1 of these spools of thread would cost over $2.
I so appreciate Mr. G thinking about me.
Maybe I'll show you were I store each of these items?


  1. Truly, what a joy to be given this! I'd feel like it were such a great gift to open and sort through each piece, always wondering about the hands that used to hold each of them. Yes, your Mr. G. is a keeper as are all the wonderful items inside this basket! What fun!

  2. Very fun little post! yes show us where you keep all your treasures!


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