Thursday, July 5, 2018

Thoughtful Thinking Thursday #144~ Leaders

 In the world of reality,
Leaders are usually outstanding folkings
that are "big" in our lives.
The locomotive that leads the rest of the train
is usually larger than any of the other cars.
 In the sewing and quilting world,
a leader is usually a small piece of fabric.
They even come from the scrap pile that is about to be thrown away.
Sometimes a machine has a hard time starting stitching a seam
without "nesting" which is a gathering of thread & stitches 
that causes the machine to bog down and not move on.
By starting in the middle of a "Leader," this doesn't happen.
The stitching moves on to the next seam without cutting the threads.
The train of fabric starts with the Leader!
Can Leaders in the life of reality come out of the scrap bag?
"THINK about it."

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