Friday, July 6, 2018

Fun or Funny Friday ~ Mr. G's Backyard Fun

While I would consider digging and move rocks around the backyard
as hard labor.
Mr. G apparently has fun doing it even in triple digit weather?

He has spent the last 2 months gathering stones off the side of the road
and via facebook for free or near free.
He has spent the last couple of years buying what we call "orphan" perennial plants,
or plants that have spent out their beauty this year and marked down, so he
gives them a home for the winter to be rewarded by their beauty the years to come.
He seems to really enjoy putting this puzzle together.
Sometimes he'll take parts apart and start all over.
What we do during the summer, instead of traveling and fighting tourist crowds this time of year.
The Fun part of being retired is traveling during off season.

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