Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Preschooler's Carpenter's Apron from Man's Work Pants

     It's always been easy for me to think of something to make for little girls.  Maybe it's because I had 2 daughters?
     I finally found an idea for a little boy, but of course I had an easier idea. I had a pair of work pants to recycle & got busy designing.

Tuesday Tutorial

 Pants were taken apart down center leg seam only.
 Basic idea is to fold roughly a square of fabric as shown by the paper above & below.
 Need two 29 x 2 inch strips for ties or adjust to child's waist measurement.
Approximately 13½ x 12 inch piece of fabric

Stitch a scant ¼ inch (>1/4 inch) seam.
Then stitch a 5/8 inch seam.
Clip along fold 5/8 inch.
Trim corner.
 Fold along 5/8 inch stitch line & turn inside out.

 Double fold upper edge to wrong side and stitch (from back side).
 After stitching, view from of front.
 Zig Zag a bar tac to reinforce corner of pocket.

 Stitch strips together as shown to decrease bulk.

Press in half to find center mark then fold edges to center,
then fold in half.
 Stitch each edge.

 Turn under upper edge.
The seam shown is the old leg seam that was included in the cutting process.
 To save from threading the tie through the channel,
lay the tie across and fold the edge over the tie.
While stitching the edge of the fold,
make sure the tie isn't caught and stitched,
because it needs to move freely in the channel.

 Determine stitch lines for pockets as to where they are needed.
 Zig zag set on 7 width and 0 length,
then single stitch line, back stitch at the bottom.
 For a hammer loop,
cut a piece approximately 3x4 inches,
Fold in half, fold edges to middle and fold again.
Stitch along edge.

 Satin stitch raw edge ends,
then single stitch about 1/4 inch in.
 Scissors substituting for a hammer for a try out?
 *Be aware when preschoolers play with an item that has this length of tie,
close supervision should be provided.
Plenty of fabric left over to play around making a new bag
which I desperately need.
My 31Purse is falling apart.
Need to think of a way to use all the 31 Purse skirts I've made the past few years?

Hope your little carpenter enjoys their apron!


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