Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Binding a Journal

         Finally after 3 signatures were made, it was time to bind them together.  You may notice when the cover was made, the inside cover was made as well.  I originally started binding in the signatures before I realized I needed to finish the inside cover first.  So I took out the work you see in this post, and finished the inside cover.  Being short on time, pictures were not taken again of the basic binding process you do see in this post.
          So, make sure you finish the inside cover before you bind your book.


Tuesday Tutorial 
 Use an old thick magazine to protect your surface, even a self healing cutting mat.
 Create a paper template the width and length of the spin of the book.
Determine the center of the length and width by folding.

 Fold in fourths to mark 3 equal parts across the template.
For 3 signatures, also fold in fourths lengthwise.
 Mark intersections for the 3 signatures.

 For me it was easier to start with 3rd signature first.
A left handed person might find the first signature is easier.

 Just some old crochet thread I had.
Measure out 4 times the height of the page
for the amount of thread needed.

The trick is to pull the thread so papers aren't too loose but not too tight.
Tied with lace.

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