Thursday, July 19, 2018

Thoughtful Thinking Thursday #146~ Mini Iron Died: They Don't Make'em Like They Used To

I fell in love with my little iron immediately,
because it felt so good in my hand.
It also wasn't heavy and therefore easy on my shoulder.
 It was easy to use at my work desk.
I used it almost every week and sometimes every day for a while.
I've told my sewing students, the iron is to be used as much as your sewing machine.

I never changed the heat setting until the other day when I was using some fabric that needed less heat.
The next day, I turned the heat back up
and it never heated up!
I tried different plugs and if other things worked in those plugs.
I wiggled switches, and fidaddled with the cord.
Nothing happened. Zilch.

I save boxes and the booklets of warranty information when I buy things.
(Just ask Mr. G who just cleaned out a shelf of 8 year old boxes for me.)
Sure enough, the warranty was for a year,
& they built it to last 2 years?
I cringe when a store asks me if I want to buy an extended warranty.
Many times I reply, they should have more faith in the product they sell.

Don't even know if I want to attempt to tear it apart,
because it's probably something I can't even get to or see?
For now I'll pull out my 30 year old cordless iron that still works.
It's just heavier.
Why is it, things I bought over 20 years ago have out lived many things I've bought in the last 5 years?
Our landfills would be less provided for if things today were made with more pride instead of greed.
"THINK about it."

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