Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Frozen Zucchini

For years I have frozen individual bell peppers whole .
The other day, I knew the days were limited for a zucchini I had,
and I wondered if I could freeze it whole.
I cleaned it and after it was totally dry,
popped it in a zip bag and tucked it in the freezer.
A couple weeks later,
I pulled it out of the freezer.
Ran it under some warm, and
sliced it while still frozen as you see above.
Put them in the skillet with a pork chop already cooking.
Turned out great.
So this means I can get zucchini in season and freeze a few,
and cut up like I want when I'm ready to eat them.
I remember the days I used to freeze them and always thought I had to cut them up.
Why did I think that?
I was so hungry, I forgot to get a picture after they browned up.


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  1. We've always frozen zucchini but haven't tried freezing them whole. Will have to give that a try!


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