Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Coffee Can Organizer

      The mug organizer pattern has been super popular on this blog.  Recently I made an organizer to go over a can, because I've simply ran out of mugs.
      Now,  Mr. G is setting up a workshop.  So for father's day I made him a larger version using a coffee can.
     This is another organizer that could go on anyone's gift list. I dare you to think of someone that can't use it: teachers, crafters of anything, office workers, nurses, cooks, ........

Tuesday Tutorial

To create the measurements, I used the formula for the mug organizer, but still had to tweak a bit.  This one works find if you'd like the center pockets inside the can to be raised up a bit.

For this project I used the following measurement:
1 for outside- 11¼ in x 20 in
1 for inside- 11¼ in x 20 in
2 for pockets- 9 3/4 in x 26 in
1 for ties- 17 ½ in x 1in 
Fold pocket pieces in half length wise (hot dog style).

Or make a tie at least 17 inches long and cut into 4 pieces.

On the outside pocket one tie goes 1 inch from bottom on each side
and the other just above the pocket on each side.
Place backing right sides over the pockets
Stitch 1/4 inch all around leaving an opening to turn right sides out as seen below.

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  1. Thank you for the idea and the tutorial Joy - there's not too many people that wouldn't find one of these handy for so many different uses. Might have to scout about to find an appropriate can!


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