Saturday, August 8, 2020

Quilt Shot Block 121~ Heart of the Cabin

Heart of the Cabin
 The paper pieced pattern came from this book 
I "accidentally" bought
when I purchased a box of antique, NOT vintage, books
which were not quilt or sewing related
at a yard sale.
Just very OLD reference books.
I was interested in the history of them.

This one quilt pattern book was in the very bottom.
For my quilt guild challenge this year,
I'm very interested in 
and Log Cabin blocks.
Since I'm running low on freezer paper, I decided to pin this one.

 The part I love is I don't have to take time to tear out the paper,
AND I can use the pattern again.
A few pieces are in the garbage can,
but it feels like the scrap pile doesn't get smaller?

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  1. Scrap piles never get any smaller. It's a Murphy's Law I think. I like the non-tearaway aspect of this type of piecing and might give it a try one day. Log cabins have always been a favourite too.


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