Friday, August 21, 2020

Fun Friday ~ Fast Simple 9 Patch Antique Fabric Pillow Cover

I've had these scraps which in most cases a 1 inch square can't even be cut from them,
or they are t-shirt knit scraps
ready to go to be put in a fabric case for bedding for the humane society.

Then I decided why not for now make a pillow covering
for this chair that sits at the front door entrance?

These pieces came out of a box of fabrics given to me
that formerly belonged to a long time sewer.
but I do feel like the 2 prints on the right are antique.
To me, the definition of antique is what would have been
"vintage" when I was in my 30s and 40s.
The texture, printing, weave and stains of the pieces on the right give me that feeling.
The large flower print may also be such.
I thought it was formerly a curtain but it still had some selvage.

 I decided I just make a simple 12½ Nine Patch block
to eventually make a 15 inch pillow cover.
 Now to make the back.
Two pieces of yellow fabric were left.
Decided to sew them as the marks show.

 But it turned out like a kite, not a square!
So grabbed another yellow piece which was actually big enough to make 
an envelope back.
BUT, you see the problem I created?
 One was turned the wrong way.
The raw seam shows.
 This is exactly how much of this fabric I had left.
Did it take longer to do this than rip everything out?

I did open up the seam to tuck in the end of the fabric strip.
 Then I added 3 inch strips to complete the 15 inch measurement.


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  1. I am a firm believer that reverse stitching was invented in order to teach us humility. Heaven knows I do enough of it! Your pillow is great - I love that wonderful poppy in the middle!


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