Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Recovering Portable Cutting/Ironing Board

     This cutting board is about 4 years old. I've tried my best not to get glue from iron on interfacing, freezer paper etc. on this pad.  Despise my efforts it has still gotten scorched from a very HOT iron. Note: I have worn out 2 mini irons on this ironing pad.
     This pad gets used far more than my mini ironing boards and large standing ironing board.  It's also very handy for traveling to workshops and trips. I didn't want to take it apart for fear of breaking the cutting board on the opposite side and possibly not being able to put it back together properly.
     I continued to use the mat as is because I thought I needed the measuring lines. However, It got to the point of just looking very disgusting. Here is my solution.

Tuesday Tip

A friend gave me a box of fabric.
In that box was a small piece of gray wool
It reminded me of the presently very popular gray ironing pads.
I decided to try to make a slip cover.
One requirement was that it fit very snug.
Fact is I barely had enough fabric to go around the pad.
When I tried to slip in on like a pillow case,
the friction between the wool and the pad just would not let it slide on.
Just too tight.
So by adding a closed end zipper down the side
it allowed just enough extra space to slip it on through the end (not the side).
It fits PERFECT.
Very, very snug.
 One end did not need a finish as it was the beautiful selvage edge.

The other end was serged.
 This ironing pad sits to the left of my cutting board which is to the left of my machine
where I sit to sew.
Used mostly to iron sewn quilt pieces.
I only use the cutting side of the pad,
when I travel.
When I need to use the cutting side,
I will simply slide off the new covering.
I've been using my "new" ironing mat for about a month,
and I've not missed the measuring lines.

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  1. Have you seen the price of those wool mats? I was astounded when I checked into them. Your solution is perfect - and the price was definitely right.


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