Friday, August 14, 2020

Fun Friday ~ Sorting Masks Scraps

 After using a LOT of time sorting through a large clear plastic bag full of these scraps
to find the pieces for a quilt block,
I decided I could save a lot of future time to sort these pieces.
I knew there were a lot of common shapes and wanted to group them together.
It took me about 2 hours to sort them out. 
So did I really save time?
Maybe, because Saturday I was actually able to make 3 different blocks
when normally I only get one done in an afternoon.
Regardless, I do enjoy sorting fabrics and button.

1 comment:

  1. Oh yes, the joy of sorting through buttons - I know it well! My love of that started when I was a little girl and going for a 'holiday' visit at my grandma's. She would give me her button box and I was utterly fascinated. Could explain my massive button collection now!


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