Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Zipper Pouches and Pulls

         Just a couple of ideas for making zip pouches.  
      A perfect stash buster.

Tuesday Tutorial Teaser

 I keep ring binders of ideas, directions and patterns.
Too many times, web sites have disappeared. 
To save web directions (tutorial), I use the File, Save Page As on my browser.
Sometimes I print, some times I save in a folder on my laptop.

I wish I had a place to keep the machine set up for embroidery.
Since I don't, I try to do as many of the projects at one time.

 For zipper pulls, I use a narrow ribbon or a bias strip of about ½ to ¼ inch wide by 12 inches long.
Fabric cut on the bias will not ravel.

The ends are cut in a point to make easier to go through zipper pull.
I used tweezers to pull the ribbon or fabric through.
 Tie in a double knot.
Cut off to desired length, or
tie ends in a knot.
Knots on the ends might make it easier to grab.
Plus, ribbon ends will ravel and knots will stop the raveling.
 Use your favorite technique and machine foot.
Sometimes another foot works better than the actual zipper foot.
Remember to use the needle position if it helps.
You can see I experimented with different machine feet.
 For every foot I've used, I have to close or open the zipper
to get the foot around the zip.
 So a straight stitching line can be continued.

 The long zipper pull comes in handy,
when sewing the zipper in and the zipper needs to be pulled closed or open
to make stitching easier.
 Instead of a final top stitch,
try one of your "fancy" machine stitches.

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