Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Fidget Quilt- Part 1

  I was sent a special request to make a fidget quilt for a dear friend.  This is something I would have done on my own, but unfortunately I didn't know she was already in need.  So sad to see her progress through this horrible illness.  
    This lap quilt has already been presented, and I had the opportunity to observe her fidgeting with the quilt.  The psychology of how individual brains work with this disease is very interesting.  I have a feeling it has to do with their background.  I knew Ms Diane did some sewing and of course a Mother.  She did handle the pieces as a seamstress and at other times one that was folding clothes.
    While reviewing fidget quilts via You Tube videos, I found Rob's idea on "Man Sewing" of working on 5 inch squares one at a time rather than on one large piece of fabric. This was a much easier way to manage work.  Each individual square will be shown in a 2 part post. EnJOY! 

Tuesday Tutorial 
Yes this probably should be on Saturday's Quilt Shot,
but this quilt does includes more sewing techniques
than quilting techniques.

 I first surrounded myself with scraps of fabric.

 This was a great project for using a life long collection of buttons, zippers, laces, & ribbons.
 A 5 inch square was cut, then decorated in a serendipity manner.
 LOVE these kinds of projects!

 Texture is very important.
 Working parts make the quilt more interesting and challenging.
 Pieces and parts have to be tightly stitched
while at the same time easy to grip and manage.
Above, the end of the zipper is folded away to make sure it's not caught in the future seam.
The user can hold the end of the zipper to zip/unzip.
 Colors and sparkles attract attention.
Actually, ideas learned in early childhood education research years ago were used to make this quilt.

 Onion bag texture.
The caregivers were warned to observe to make sure parts of the quilt didn't come apart.
 This wouldn't have been used if she lived in a nursing home.
Some facilities have guidelines for these quilts, such as no buttons and
rightly so for safety reasons.  
Like young children, many patients put everything in their mouth.
 Masking tape was used around the edge which was later
 hidden inside the seams.

 Cotton prairie points on soft flannel.
 Scraps from fleece blanket.

The resulting quilt
 More squares in @ Fidget Quilt- Part 2

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Please check them out for some great ideas.

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  1. This is wonderful. My father had dementia and I have wanted to donate a quilt or two to the nursing home.


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