Thursday, May 17, 2018

Thoughtful Thinking Thursday #137- Nature's Mother's Day Gift

 Actually, this started out Mr. G's doing,
because he bought this Knockout Rose bush and planted it about 5 years ago.
Just so happens Mother Nature presented this year for Mother's Day. 
Last year I remember they came out for the annual "Run for the Roses." (Derby weekend.)
The day before Mother's Day this year,
there was only 1 bud not even seemingly ready to open, because it's been a very cold spring.
I kid you not.
As I backed out of the garage Mother's Day morning,
I was presented with the bouquet in the picture above!
The next day, the presentation below appeared!

Did Mother Nature present gifts in your area for Mother's Day this year?
"THINK about it."
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  1. It's too early here (near Montreal) for the roses. But nature presented to us the dandelions. One cannot be too picky... ;-)


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