Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Fidget Quilt- Part 2

   Last week I shared the first few squares of this Fidget Quilt for my friend.  As promised, here are the rest of the squares and how they came together.

Tuesday Tutorial 
 The base squares were 5 inches.

 Simply strips of scrap fabric sewn together.
Seams were stitched with decorative stitch.
Cut into a 5 inch square.
Five inch square of upholstery fabric used for the texture and picture.
 A strip of fabric added for more color and design.
 Another square with more colorful prairie points.
 Some caregiving facilities don't allow buttons.
This button was sewn with about 12 stitches of double thread.
The caregiver was warned to watch for wear and tear.
Patients tend to pull on buttons and other items with persistence.
 A variety of lace stitched for texture.
One piece of lace was cut longer and left unstitched and dangling.

 Shiny silver on red on blue & a soft rope tucked under another piece of fabric.

 A variety of arrangements were tried before deciding on this one.
This is made large enough to fit in a lap.
Apron strings about 24 inches each were added
so the quilt could be tied and not fall out of the lap.
 For more information on making the tag, 
click HERE.

 The apron strings were also used to wrap the quilt for storage.

When the quilt was given to Diane,
we were sitting at the kitchen table.
This quilt turned out to be the perfect size for her to fidget with while it laid on the table.
I did not tell her how to use it or what to do.
Instead, I enjoyed sitting and observing her fidgeting with it, and
learning how I might make the next fidget quilt.

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  1. We all know fidgeters. Now we know what to give them. What a great idea!

  2. Having made a fidget blanket for my mother, I think your version is fabulous! So many things to keep fidgeting hands busy and the size is perfect (I made mine too large). Pinning to share :)


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