Thursday, May 31, 2018

Thoughtful Thinking Thursday #139~~ Graduation Card Time

It's that time of the year
when you receive graduation invitations from
loved ones and those that are special to you.

I pull out my master copy I store in a drawer
where it's easy to grab,
because I make this card over and over.

 While I'm at it, I trace multiple copies to have on hand,
and tuck them away inside the master copy.

 I have a sandwich size zip lock bag used for
storing black scraps just for this card.
 Just a dab of glue stick
holds the center of the fabric stable
where I don't stitch.
 Large paper clips to use on the outside edge of the card are close by as well.
 Before I start stitching,
I hold up to the light for one last check to make sure the area is covered.
And that I don't have the picture upside down.
Ask me how I know to check.
After the hat is sewn and trimmed,  

I've started using a picture from a magazine to cover the back side.
This idea came to me when I dabbled a bit in junk journaling last month.
A picture is chosen that covers the entire area.

 Wasn't crazy about how the edge stitching turned out.
Can we call it the folksy look?
I'll keep the card to use in an emergency.

 So the second one had a zig zag trim.

 The back side was again a section from a magazine ad.
At first glance it has a leather look.
So off this card will go to add to this special person's life memories.
I love projects like this that puts a special person in my thoughts.
What projects do you do to cause you think about special people?
"THINK about it."
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