Thursday, May 3, 2018

Thoughtful Thinking Thursday #135- Coffee Prices

Recently Mr. G went to the grocery for me.
He sent me a picture showing a great sale on coffee.
So yes, grab a couple of cans for me.
However, once he got home with the cans, 
I realized the reason for the lower price.
It was caused by NEW PACKAGING!

This can was my last purchase, the one I was just finishing.

This was the can prior to that one waiting for recycling.
Yes, this can was bought from another store that still sells the "normal" size.
I think merchandisers expect us to forget these sizes,
 especially when all the old ones are removed from the shelf.
I remember when they did ice cream the same way.
It's done gradually, so you don't notice the extreme change from the beginning to the end.

"THINK about it."

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