Monday, May 14, 2018

Memory Mon 87~ Early Morning Sunshine Memories Under Dust

While I sit on my couch with my cup of coffee,
the early morning sunshine comes through the French doors
and presents the above picture.
Yes, I first see dust.
Dust on items that were not chosen as pieces just to decorate,
but to provide thoughts and memories.
Taking a closer look there is
1. The rocking chair given to us when our first child was born.
2. A rag doll made by our second child when she decided one day on her own to try the sewing machine.
3. A doll quilt made for me when a child by my precious Aunt Donnie no longer with us. 
4. A yard sale item acquired when Mr. G and I had reached the end of the 400 Mile yard sale.
5. A goose statute my daughter gave in a silly Christmas game we played and Mother won it.
6. A tin foil wrapped piece of cedar branch my grandson sent to me via his Aunt for last Christmas. 
7. Laying under the doll quilt is a "Joy" pillow my unofficial daughter-in-law gave me. 
8. The bronze flower pot holds "Just Because" succulents Mr. G. gave me last year. Still bright red.
9. The gourd was painted by me in a Homemakers class at church in my early days of Lexington.
10. Mr. G found the monster size pine cone cleaning my garage last week?
I enJOY looking at my memories.

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