Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Wordless Wednesday #240 ~ Smokies Almost a Year After Fire

 A fire began around Chimney Rock on November 23, 2016.
 On November 28, the fire reached Gatlinburg.
It actually went down both sides of Gatlinburg, leaving the town in the valley untouched.
It headed on to the outskirts of Pigeon Forge when thankfully rain began to fall.
This street that goes up the mountain at the National Park end of town
was commonly seen on the web.
It appears to have not changed.
 Last week we took a one day trip to Gatlinburg to
visit one particular store, eat at the Best Italian Restaurant
and just generally check out the area since we hadn't been there in over a year.
 We drove on the Gatlinburg by pass where we knew much of the fire had occurred.
These shots were taken from 2 different overlooks.

 At one of the overlooks, behind us across the road.

While sitting at our table at The Best Italian Restaurant in downtown Gatlinburg,
my lens managed to reach this shot up on the mountain.


  1. This was a devastating fire! Our favorite vacation spot!

  2. Thanks for sharing these pic of the Smokies and surrounding area. I haven't been since the fire.

  3. I visited the Smokies in 2002 and thought it one of the most beautiful places around .... this summer fires destroyed areas of two of my favorite places in the West, Oregon's Columbia Gorge and Napa/Sonoma. I haven't been as brave as you and ventured back yet. Maybe next year?


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