Thursday, November 16, 2017

Thoughtful Thinking Thursday #115 ~ Decorating for You?

I've decided my decorating style in my home is called, "Homey Memories."

There have been times when I've been and seen other homes that are impressive
and think I must purge more.
I've gotten down to the items that have a LOT of memories.
Everything once belonged to family like my grand parents, parents, children, uncles, aunts and such,
or was given to me as a gift especially from Mr. G,
or acquired on special trips especially long road yard sales with Mr. G.
My house is a museum to me.
Just when I wonder if it's cluttered too much,
someone like the HVAC Maintenance guy walks through the house,
stops and says,
"I like the homey feel of your house."
I tell him I think it's cluttered and he says,
 "Oh no, you have everything arranged to make a person stop and look and wonder."
Then I realize once again, "That was my goal."
Do you decorate to impress someone else or yourself?
"THINK about it."
Nothing in the picture above was bought on a shopping trip for decorating.

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