Saturday, November 4, 2017

Quilt Shot Block #101~Scrappy Fabric Softener Sheet Square

3½ inch square

Originally this was going to be last Tuesday's Tutorial.
I decided it should be a "Quilt Shot Block"

   Occasionally, I love to just mess around with my scrap pile.  Three years ago when Caregivers were taking care of my Mother, they had to do a LOT of laundry.  I asked them to stuff the used fabric softener sheets into a cracker box for me that I set beside the dryer.
   I use those dryer sheets as my foundation for string or scrappy piecing.  Here is the process I used to make these small squares for these all occasion cards.

 First the number of sheets needed were ironed.
The sheets still smell wonderful!

 Ironing several layers helps them to temporarily stay together while being cut to size needed.
Did I mention the smell is very pleasant? 😄

 Scrappy fabrics are chosen and in this case sorted by color.
 Pieces are laid on top of the dryer sheet, 
and do over hang the edge.
Again, the pieces are ironed,
to help pieces lay and stay.
I used dry heat while steam would probably work better.
 Choose a stitching line with the purpose of attaching all pieces together.
Since this is for a card, the stitching doesn't have to be done for wear and tear purposes.

I had used pens to mark the edge of the sheet to know when to stop stitching.
Fabric markers of any kind could be used, or simply give a peek under the fabric.
Once the pieces are stitched,
turn the square over and trim using the sheet as a guide.
As each square is made, scraps get smaller.

 The squares were simply stitched to the front of the card.
The inside front wasn't covered leaving a visible stitched square on the inside front cover.
The card is blank for the sender to write according to the occasion.
 For more information on making the cards,
please go to:

Scrappy Get Well Cards

 Stitched Fabric Flower Cards

Another Scrap Happy Bday Card

Patriotic Fabric Card

Info about making an envelope
       The envelope can be made from a template using one sheet of paper that works perfectly with this "half page" card. Just do a web search. Some are PDF files. However some are jpeg (picture files) and if so, right click on the picture & download as an image which will print on a full sheet of paper. Use that as a template to trace around, so printer ink doesn't need to be used every time you make an envelope. No resizing should be needed to print. I used the ruler & rotary cutter to cut out 6 at a time.  Use a glue stick to hold.   (info updated 4/21/18)
 You'll find this post at several Linky Parties. Please check them out for some great ideas.

Thanks to 

 Photoscape for downsizing & watermarking photo & other photo alternations.

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