Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Upcycled House Coat to Gift Bags

     I consider anything to make gift bags. Or anything to be fabric for that matter. Last year, I found this man size beautiful heavy red velour house coat for a $1 at a yard sale.  From it, I made several custom sized gift bags.  I couldn't believe how the coat kept producing fabric.

Tuesday Tutorial Teaser

 Take advantage of the some of the garment features such as the cuff.
 Preserve stitching for ties & handles.
 Use a bodkin to thread through tight places.

Welted seams can be used for handles.
 Piece together pieces to make the size and shape you need.
 Determining handle marks and stitching.

 Sometimes the serger is used to finish seams,
and this tool is used to thread the ends back through the stitching
to prevent fraying.
All of these bags were made and still had the pile of scraps in bottom right corner leftover.

Later more bags were made from the leftovers.
As you can see, there is STILL leftover fabric!
Yes! All these bags for 1 dollar!
Later I'll show you what I did with these scraps.

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