Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Upcycled Denim Drawstring Gift Bag

     My grandson was in the sixth grade last year. His request for Christmas was books.  He's a super smart country boy that loves nature and pays a lot attention to what's going on in today's world.  You might be surprised of the author he chose to read.  He already owned some books and loves them.  I decided to make a "Christmas" bag for him to keep his books and possibly use for other purposes after he decides to put the books on a shelf.

Tuesday Tutorial 

 Jeans were upcycled.
Bottom part of leg was too narrow to hold 3 books.
The center section was used.
Notice the hole on the right.
An unusual scrap piece of fabric was used to patch the hole.  It looked like denim on the back and bandana on the other side.  I knew pink polka dot wouldn't work for this guy.

 Trim and sew up edges that need to be sewn & across the bottom.
 Determine the bottom section needed by folding halfway up the bottom.
 Measure depth.
This depth is used to mark the boxed corner.  
The half way depth is measured from the center of the seam.
 Rip stitches from side seams for opening for string.
Double fold and stitch around top edge to make channel.
This channel will lay over the opening.
 Reinforce each end of the opening with zig zag bar tacks.
Two cords are threaded through knotting the end of each
out the side.

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