Saturday, January 14, 2017

Quilt Shot Block #85 ~ Disappearing Four Patch Variation

Disappearing Four Patch Variation
Experimenting with cutting up a Four Patch and putting it back together.
Is it worth it?

 Randomly cut apart.
Move right piece to left side and didn't flip
to keep contrasting colors next to each other
the new center was flipped.
 After block was sewn back together,
the block was turned to the right one turn (90°).
Pieces randomly cut again.
First I tried moving the middle to the right.
Decided to keep the center and flip each side.
Using Photoshop Combine Tool, here's a look at possible quilt layouts using this block.
Repeating the block without turning any blocks.
Would be interesting to try a 4 Patch of 4 different colors?
Every other row, block was turned clockwise 90°.

Every other block was turned counterclockwise 90°.
Even though the block doesn't seem like much,
you can keep doing variations with Photoshop to come up with more possibilities.
Really think 4 different fabrics would really look nice and scrappy.

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Thanks to the FREE program
 Photoscape for downsizing & watermarking photo & other alterations to pictures.

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