Saturday, January 21, 2017

Quilt Shot Block ~ A Quilt Show in the Eye of Mr. G

Ladies if your hubby or finance has to travel with you and then attend a quilt show,
do you ever think what he is noticing?
Mr. G does not sit outside and wait.
He enjoys going in with his camera and capturing ideas for me,
while I'm busy looking at quilts.
I'm glad he does this.
Here are a few things that caught his eye that didn't catch mine.
If some of these shots are of your work or product,
please email the contact info so I can update this post with links to give you credit.
He likes clever ideas like the Santa place mat above with napkin tucked under the mustache.
 He loves play on words.
He seeks out clever ideas.
 Cute or funny?  Not sure.
Spring Woolies.
I see these are sold on various sites.

Well, are you surprised?

We now have a problem. His camera was dropped and broken on our trip this past fall.
Got to get another one for him so he can keep shooting ideas for me.

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