Monday, January 23, 2017

Memory Mon 36 ~ An Afternoon of Sewing w/ Memories

When any person wants me to show them how to sew something,
I get very excited!
When a school age child asks to learn or for my help, I really get excited!
Before Christmas, Elaina asked me to help with a T-shirt pillow.
I love it when she comes.
She has some sewing experience and absorbs any new knowledge about sewing that I offer.
I was thrilled to show some new tools to her: cutting mat, ruler and rotary cutter.
Of all the T-shirts she chose, was the Western Kentucky University Hilltopper shirt.
Memories of my Alma mater as well as my daughters and soon to be for one of my grand daughters.
Biggest Memory: My Mother LOVED to watch the Toppers play basketball.  She was a Topper fan for sure.
When Elaina finished the pillow,
she pulled out some fabric she found and wanted to make a Christmas Stocking.

I loved spending the extra time with her, because we got to talk about high school of today
and how it's changed from the days I went.
All through the evening, my mind is thinking of how I learned to sew
and my very first sewing lessons.
I shared a few of those with her.
I think it's a few?

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