Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Mini Fish Net or Mini Diamond Mesh

         Went to the second hand store the other day to search for some yarn to make some birthday gifts.  Some purchases were bags that included unused skeins as well as pieces.
         After I finished the birthday gifts, I just messed around with some of the scraps. I was trying to decide on a stitch to use to put several colors together for either a scarf or afghan. I came up with this stitch.  Research tells me it is the Fish Net pattern except uses fewer stitches.
    If you like to single crochet and chain stitch then you will like this simple pattern.

*A Tutorial Tuesday*

 The piece of yarn was a soft, fine acrylic.
I used the C needle.

Chain a multiple of 4 
I chained 2 rows which does make a nice edge.
Using a size C needle, the second row was easier for me to see.
Single Crochet in the 4th chain
Chain stitch 3
*Single crochet in next fourth stitch
Chain 3
Repeat* to end of chain.

With the Fish Net or Diamond Mesh I found you skip 4 and chain 5.

When you get to the end, chain 5.
Single crochet under the first chain of 3.

Then chain 3 after the single crochet and head to the next space of the chain of 3.

Chain 5 to turn at the end.

It would take a while to make a baby blanket, but I think it would be beautiful and so dainty
with this pattern downsized into this "Mini Fish Net."

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