Monday, January 2, 2017

Memory Mon 33 ~ A Selfless Special Gift

When we cleaned out our parent's house,
my sister and I let our children go through the house,
and choose some things they'd like to have.
Both of my daughters didn't choose much.
Like me with my Grandparents, they chose memories.
They chose so little that I chose a couple more items for each to give at Christmas later.
Meanwhile, I had no idea that one of my daughters chose a gift for me!
When I opened the box, it took me a moment to realize the message.
It was a treasure of my Mother's 2 years after she had passed!
Somehow I didn't cry when I opened it,
but I've cried several times since
and while I wrote this post.
It's the little crystal snowman Christmas Ornament
hung in the background on my Mother's crystal.
Then, she had collected these pieces & tiny pictures
to create 3 necklaces for me.
Great job!
These will go perfect with the 
tops that my other daughter gave me.
She knows how to dress me.
I have the hardest time choosing from today's clothing styles,
but I love what she chooses for me as much in comfort as anything else.

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  1. What beautiful gifts! Joy, your daughters are so thoughtful and generous. Being able to share those special memories and items from your mom show what a special bond you have with your daughters. They are talented too!


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