Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Christmas Gift Collection ~ Ideas Review

      This is a collection of past posts of tutorials that might be useful for making gifts this season.   Please click on the picture below to follow the link to the tutorial. You can also click on the sewing and embroidery buttons above on web version of this blog for many more ideas.
     Hope you can find something you enJOY making.

*A Tutorial Tuesday*
 These would make a great gift, or leave off the pockets and use these as the gift bag.

A tissue holder.
Something a child or beginner can make.
See the tips on how to fold the tissue too.

A neck roll that can be warmed in the microwave.

These can be made in the hoop with an embroidery machine, 
or with the given measurements 
to cut and make with a regular machine.

 Know someone that has an 18 inch doll?
Have some scrap fabric?

This has quickly become a big hit over the past couple of years.
Everyone can use one of these, and
I know you have an old mug.
If not, go get one at a used store for fifty cents.


 Another popular hit has been these flat bowl holders 
that fit easy in a drawer with hot pads.
For that matter, use them as hot pads, 
because they lay flat!

Another item I make a lot for myself as well as others.
As you can see, they can hold more than just coupons.
Another project for a beginner.
Hope you enJOY making something this year for someone.
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  1. Many great ideas here, Joy! I have always wanted to have a stash of the bowl holders in my home. Since the kids left, we often eat in the living room and these would be perfect...shhhh, don't tell the kids! I also need a few tissue pocket holders. Thanks!

  2. What great ideas, the mug organizer is so so clever and practical! Thank you so much for sharing this week at Sweet Inspiration!!


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