Tuesday, December 13, 2016

The Christmas 2016 Gift Tags - Set A

      For years I wrapped every present the same because I didn't want to show favoritism. Well, I dumped that OCD problem and liberated myself.  This year not all bags are made from the same cloth, and not all tags are the same. The first set of tags were made from scraps.

*A Tutorial Tuesday*

 At first I thought I would cut some hearts from the beautiful red velour.
Then I decided stocking shapes would be easy.

Cut card stock to the size of gift cards,
and stitch a row of stitches down the middle of the stocking.
 Used some gold thread to tie them on.
I had bought  about 6 spools of gold thread several years ago for 25cents each.
They've lasted a long time.
Update- 12-16-16: You might want to check out Pam over at 
"Threading my Way"
where she has posted
 19 Ideas to Make Your Own Christmas Cards and Gift Tags

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