Saturday, December 3, 2016

Quilt Shot Block #82 ~ Coloring Book Challenge Block

Elkhorn Creek Quilt Guild Challenge 2016 #2
Coloring Book Page

 A coloring book was passed around,
we chose a page and tore it out to take with us.
We were to interpret the page anyway we liked to
convert to a quilt page.
I had several different ideas for a lady bug.
When I started searching online for more ideas,
I found the perfect paper piece pattern
that even included the leaves as shown on the coloring book page.
I found it at 

 I added strips to frame the piece.

  The part I don't like about paper piecing.
Probably could have left the paper intact
 since this is more of an art piece than something to be used everyday.

 Just a simple quilting job 1/4 inch inside some of the quilt pieces with a walking foot.

 The quilting threads were kept long so they could be pulled to the backside with a needle 
and tied off and stitched between layers to hide long ends before snipping.
A needle threader came in very handy.

 Mr. G had the idea to add the white strips to the top and size
to help increase the size and give it a sky type look.
I thought it was a great idea!
I liked the way it repeated the 2 white strips in the piece.
Using the self binding method:
The 1 inch wide ruler was used to cut the backing and batting.
The sides were double rolled and stitched down.

 Rod pocket for display and a name tag.

 At first, squares of scraps were used for the lady bug's black dots, but they frayed easily.
Decided to use buttons.

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