Thursday, December 1, 2016

Thoughtful Thinking Thursday #66 ~ Movie, Popcorn & Giving Memories

Mr. G & I love to go to the movies probably more for the popcorn than the movie sometimes.
We are fortunate to have a second run movie theatre in our area
where we don't have to spend a ton of money on the movie.
They also offer a large one time purchase bucket with a free extra large soft drink
that is refilled throughout the rest of the year for 4 bucks compared to the usual 9$ !
Yes, it is amazing how much popcorn costs at the movie.
But, hey if it keeps our favorite place open,
our thinking is we will support.
I think I have now saved 5 of these buckets.
Each are labeled with a year date.
Right now one of them is coming in very handy holding strips of cloth
that I'm crocheting into a rug for a Christmas gift.

Do you make Christmas gifts?
Do you have a lot of thoughts run through your head about that person
while you are working on their gift?
I do.
 Now, I also have thoughts of some of the movies Mr. G and I have seen over the past years.

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