Saturday, March 12, 2016

Quilt Shot Block #60 ~ Crazy Quilt Block

18 inch block

          Recently I was given a box of fabrics, quilt patterns, quilting patterns, embroidery patterns & some completed quilt blocks that came from my Dear Aunt Frances. She used to live across the road from me.  She was one of my sewing and quilting mentors.  In her eyes, using a machine on a quilt was totally against the rules.  

          There were 8 of these big Crazy quilt blocks which she hand stitched onto a square piece of muslin that was hand cut, because this was before rotary cutting days. 

 Notice the consistent, even stitches of the embroidered Herringbone stitch which was typical of her work.

All of the fabrics were a silk or chiffon type material.

I love the look of these vintage fabrics. 
 I'm seeing some of these patterns & colors reappearing in today's stores.
 I don't know what her intent was for this quilt, 
but I see it as being a light bedspread instead of a quilt for warmth.

This square was the only one not embroidered.
Notice the textured fabric used here.
So I plan to square these up, embroider the block that needs it & probably make some more blocks from my scraps.  Then, put them together. Not sure if I will back it, since it will just be a lightweight bed spread?  I'm open for thoughts.
I can't decide which is my favorite block.  Do you have a favorite?
May you rest in peace Aunt Frances.  Say "Hi" to Dad for me.

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