Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Wordless Wednesday #146 ~ Presque Isle, Erie PA by Mr. G

@ Presque Isle State Park, Erie, PA

This could be a lesson in right angle, right light.
We first stopped to take pictures from the Northeast side of the pond
and took the following picture.
O-hum.  You can see the sun to the left.
So we drive toward the right side of this picture & that's when 
Mr. G captured the first picture of this post and the following:

None of the shots above have been altered or cropped.
Only resized & watermarked for posting.
Thanks to the FREE programs:
 Photoscape for downsizing, watermarking &  other photo editing.


  1. The tree shot is my favorite, I love the contrast in it.

  2. Beautiful photos. I especially love the first.
    Thank you for sharing at

  3. that's why fall will always be my fave..great shots! Happy weekend et happy autumn :)

  4. Beautiful shots.
    It really looks like the province in Germany
    This is my contribution


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