Thursday, November 19, 2015

Shortening Sleeves

One of Mother's blouses.
  The sleeves just didn't fit right.
I like three quarter length sleeves. 
So I marked where I wanted the sleeve to hit my arm including new hem.
As I was getting ready to cut off the sleeve, 
I noticed Mother had reattached a button with a safety pin.
So that must be where I learned that trick?
Mother had jobs where she was seen by a lot of people.
Many folks have commented to me that she was a classy dresser.
The cuff was laid perpendicular using the lines on the cutting mat.
Before cutting, tape was used to mark the cutting line.
Then ruler and rotary cutter were used to cut the sleeve.
Repeated with the other sleeve.
Notice old sleeve was used to make sure I was marking the second sleeve correctly.
Sometimes I forget if I'm supposed to cut above or below the tape.
A double folded quarter inch hem was applied using a size 12 needle.
Finished!  A new blouse for me including Mother Memories.

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