Monday, November 2, 2015

Quilt Fest of Jacksonville 2015 ~ Art Quilts

I do consider all quilts art, but those that relay a picture, I call "Art Quilts."
This picture fascinated me in that somehow 
this artist made random pieces of fabric come together
 to make the perfect background.
Love the story that goes with it.

I see some 'Zentangle' quilting done in this piece.

 Notice the ombre fabric placement for the background.
Are long arm quilts judge separately from regular machine quilting?
Of course hand quilting should be a category of its own as well.
These cheese cloth quilted pieces always amaze me.
I have done a bit of Thread Sketching, but I cheated a bit.

A self portrait quilt done by a quilt group.

I was lucky to meet 3 of the ladies that helped make the quilt.
Can you find their portrait in the quilt.  Hint: hair styles

One quilt group took a picture, blew it up, then cut it into 12 sections.
Each of the 12 members took a section and provided their interpretation.

Texture adds art.

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Thanks to:
Photoscape for downsizing, watermarking photos & editing.

Please see my "Linky Parties" link above 
for some hard working hosts


  1. Thanks for sharing these amazing quilts.

  2. The cheesecloth portrait is the same image as Pam's workshop sample that she created from her photograph. I took her class this year and I wouldn't dream of entering my workshop piece in a art quilt show.


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