Thursday, November 12, 2015

Modern Screw Drivers for Today's Sewing Machines

      When I bought my new Babylock Sewing machine 4 years ago, it came with these screw drivers. In the past, I had bought my own little screw driver set to use with my machines. The only time I needed the screw drivers were for taking apart the machine to clean or to change out needles and feet. I still used my own screw drivers for a while, because they were easier for me to hold in my hands and use.
        Babylock & Brother require one more use for screw drivers: changing the plate of the machine for single or zig zag (wide) stitches.  For quilting and piecing, I need the single hole plate, and for general sewing I need the wider hole plate because I use a variety of stitches.
       To change the plate on my old Singer machine it just slid and popped off.  Not so for the Babylock or Brother machines.

SO, there is 1 big complaint I have with Babylock and Brother sewing machines:
They are NOT arthritic friendly!

      With the Babylock, I have to take out 2 screws which are not that easy for me to get to AND turn the screw driver. The space is limited and it's not easy to hold on to the screw driver with my fingers. One day recently, the mechanical part of my brain kicked in.
   I had wondered why the screw driver had a hole.  It didn't help my grip any.  I realized these 2 screw drivers can work together! The manual doesn't mention this, so I'm sharing just in case others have not realized this trick.
This makes it easier to reach the screw and control the turn.
     Now am a bit happier, but if Babylock/Brother would just think of a faster way to switch out the plate from zig-zag to single stitch, I would be a much happier sewer.

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  1. It is amazing that this was not mentioned in the manual since it appears to be a deliberate design. I hope you shared your complaint with the manufacturers - both the fact that it was not in the manual and that it is still a problem (and why). Manufacturers need to be sensitive to the needs of their customers in order to stay in business.
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Very smart you are! This is a huge complaint that I have......tiny slivers t f metal that I can't grip in place of a real screw driver. I also bought a big fat very short screw driver at the tool store that I use all the time now......but your trick is great!

  3. Brilliant - I have the same problem and even bought the new brother screw driver which did not help at all but this is a great trick. Just wish Brother was more like Janome regards stitch plates and screws!

  4. Thank you so much. I needed to have that pointed out as that is a big problem with just turning the little round one.

  5. Oh my...found your tip on Threading Your Way blogs linky party. I too have arthritis in my finger joints and your tip is a life I can change up things on my machine without waiting for my hands to stop hurting by holding that blasted little screwdriver....Thank You.....

    1. I love Pam's "Threading Your Way." So glad you found me. I wonder when manufactures will realize they have another market of arthritis suffers and could design for them and advertise such details?


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