Saturday, July 25, 2015

Quilt Shot Block #36 ~ Crumb Strips

12½ inch block
          My fascination with crumbs continue.  Remember that pile of what I really call crumbs that was leftover from the last block?  
  Yep, used a bunch of them in this block. I had seen the idea of using adding machine tape to paper piece strips. However, I wanted my strips to be different widths to use smaller pieces. So I winged it without the paper then trimmed edges so I could sew the strips together.  The block grew until I could trim out a 12½ inch block.  
   It is odd that I had bought at a yard sale about 4 rolls of adding machine tape for about 25¢ each with no real purpose in mind.
Now I AM getting down mostly to a pile of threads that will have to go inside a pillow!

I was inspired to start all this crumbing piece from 
Crazy Mom Quilts Week 4 of her Scrap Vortex

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  1. Adding machine tape for paper-piecing??? Brilliant!!!

  2. What a great project! I love crumbs too!

  3. Love your crumb block. Sew happy that you put the adding machine paper to good use.

  4. I just made a vortex quilt and still have lots of scraps left so I need to keep sewing!!!! Love your block

  5. I love these "crumb" blocks, it is making me look at my scraps twice!


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