Monday, July 6, 2015

First Memory Quilt from Dad's Shirts

I started this Wonky Log cabin quilt a year ago from 4 of Dad's shirts.  When Mother started going in and out of the hospital last June, I spent a lot of time at her house.  So I took my light weight Brother sewing machine and set up camp on the dining room table.  I got the 20 blocks made in a couple of weeks & then had to put the project to sleep. 
So about a year later now, I have revived this project. Trimmed the blocks down to 10 1/2inches.
My new rotating mat I bought in Florida this past winter, made the trimming job a breeze.
I'm SO thankful for my work space that Mr. G helped create last spring. I'm getting to use it a lot right now.  I've caught up on birthday projects and such, and am now getting busy cutting up a room full of Mother & Dad's clothes to make memory quilts for family and Caregivers.

I was inspired by Bailey's Quilt video on You Tube to make this quilt.  I'd already started a Wonky Log Cabin quilt, which I have not finished, and really enjoyed the easy going method. My cutting board and rotary cutters didn't have to travel with me to cut the strips to make the blocks.
Thanks to the FREE program
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