Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Memory Stash

              As you've seen in recent posts, I'm working on a memory quilt made from my Dad's shirts.  Several other family members wanted a quilt or pillow, and of course I was going to try to make them one anyway. 
          So recently as we cleaned out Daddy & Mother's house as a process of closing their estate.  Rather than send all clothes to Goodwill like most folks would do, I hoarded a bunch of their clothes.  It wasn't bad enough that I already had a room full of fabric, now I have another room full of Mother & Dad's clothing and other things to make "Memory Projects" for family & Caregivers.
               Mother & Dad had several sheets of different sizes from recent to back when I was in high school.  I kept many of those & especially the sheets that were leftover after the yard sale to use as backing for the quilts.  I even kept fitted sheets.  After all, it's fabric.  I'll just have to cut off the elastic and square them up.
               Mother's clothes present a variety of types of fabric and a bit more color. 
               The bottom left pile under the brown fabric was actually acquired through the HWY 127 yard sale. They are a group of nurse uniforms that were a dollar for a bag full.  So throughout this stash are a few yard sale charms & some of Mr. G's giveaways.
               Some of these fabrics will be turned into pillow covers for gifts. At the top of the picture above you see the beginning of a pile of pillows from Mother's & Goodwill.  Those from Goodwill are put through my washing machine's sanitizing cycle before they are put here.  These are much cheaper than buying pillow forms. 
               You can also see a few blankets I've acquired for making quilts for "Orphans Around the World," which I haven't worked on much during the past 5 years due to time commitments to my parents.  Looks like they will still be on the back burner while I work on "Memory" projects.
               I also kept the pads. No they aren't stained.  They work well as batting for the quilts.  I did have to take the time to cut away just the padding.  These have been washed many times so are very soft.
               You see Mr. G's jeans & some UK Wildcat fabrics and part of my LP collection from my past.  Also old empty notebooks from my teaching days that will eventually hold my sewing ideas & patterns I've been downloading & so far putting into one combined notebook.  I'm ready to burst those out by individual topics into these notebooks. ooh, the WKU notebook goes all the way back to my student teaching days.  


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