Monday, July 27, 2015

Is It an Inspiration Board or Memory Board?

               While cleaning up the "junk" room, I found a piece of one inch thick styrofoam.  For some reason an Inspiration board popped into my head, AND I actually still had wall space. I also had inherited a bunch of hat pins from my Momma's & Mother's sewing stuff.  I covered the styrofoam with a knit fabric.  The board is so lightweight, it is actually stuck to the wall by several of the hat pins.  I don't intend to hang anything heavy.  That goes on the rack on the right.
               I had intentions of putting up pictures & directions for future projects.
                    However, the first thing I needed to put up while working on a quilt square was a reference sheet for making half square triangles.  At that point, I wondered if this was actually going to be a "Memory Board" for all those little details I had to keep looking up?

                       I can view this "Memory Board" from across my cutting board, & these printouts are actually large enough for me to read them from across the room.

                       Do you have an Inspiration/Memory Board?

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  1. Hi Joy. I think it is a memory board, but when you think about it, good memories are inspirational. So there you have it: it's both!!! Lol. Thank you for linking it up and partying with us. Can't wait to seeing you again Saturday eve with something new and original, as always. Hugs, Rose,


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