Saturday, July 11, 2015

Quilt Shot Block #33 ~ Aunt Velma's Quilt

              Sue Bonnet
                My cousin gave me one of his Mother's quilts she had said she wanted me to have. He said Aunt Velma and her Mother made it together. I never got to meet my Great Grand Mother. 

               Like playing a musical instrument, which I can't do, I always admired people that can play, because I can't grasp the talent and do it.  Quilting & piecing by hand is the same as playing an instrument to me.  It's an amazement when I observe the tiny stitches consistently sized and spaced apart.  Makes my hand hurt to think about it. 

               While we seem to be passing quilting on to the future generations, I'm afraid we aren't passing on the old school method of hand stitching.  If so, why are we seeing very few hand stitched quilts at quilt shows?
The Sue Bonnet Squares are offset with yellow squares.
Perfect to hang over my rocking chair in my yellow living room.
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  1. Such a wonderful quilt! A great family treasure and such a classic pattern!


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