Tuesday, July 28, 2015

My Lady's Nest: Sewing Room- 2011 to Present 2015

                A man has a man cave. I'm a lady with a lady loft?

            Do you like to see your progress over time?  I do just to make sure I AM making progress.  So here is a review of my sewing environment starting with my sewing room before I moved.
         Oh I loved that large cutting table even if I couldn't get around to the other side. Also notice my ironing station was not level with my sewing machine. I also had my "school office" in this room, so it was a minimum amount of space.

               I never really liked this arrangement.  I think I was sad and really doubting myself for cutting down my large sewing table.  I lost so much space.  Even though I'm not sharing my room with an office, it seems I lost a lot of space.
               Also, I was not happy with the lighting even though I had a large window.  In the late afternoons the sun shines directly into the room which is too much light.

           Once I moved the cutting table away from the wall, I was a happier, however NOW I know we cut the size of the table too small because with the rearrangement of the cabinets, I need about an inch and half on each side.  To this day, it's staying the same way and I will be satisfied unless I come across a surface at a yard sale of second hand store that has a super price and will work better than this surface.
           I feel so blessed every time I go to this room to have all the library cabinets for storage.

                The sewing room today hasn't changed from last year.  I really like my setup now except my dream would be to have my machine sunken to have a level working surface for quilting projects which would be more ergonomically correct for my posture and help with my arthritis.  
               I feel so blessed everyday to have this work space.

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  1. How smart of you to review your progress from year to year. You have a wonderful sewing space. Creative Bliss...


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