Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Wordless Wednesday #71~ First Fall Morning of Oct

Neighborhood cat I named Roamer, beaching out on the creek bank.
He doesn't ask me for food anymore since I got new generic cat food. Hmm?
These 2 scenes will be my change over time shots.
Shots from my deck of the creek in my backyard.  8:30am
Sharing at several Linky Parties.
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  1. Roamer looks pretty content. My WW: Ox-Eye

  2. Pretty shots from your deck! The neighbors cat must be spoiled.

    1. The Sweet cat doesn't belong to anyone. He is a free roaming cat in the neighborhood whom we all feed. I don't mind having a few neighborhood cats to control the mice and moles. Cats are quiet and don't leave a mess.

  3. I cannot believe it's October already. I am a bit giddy thinking of the autumn foliage cascading across the mountains in the coming weeks. This is one of my favorite seasons. Your morning view through the eye of the lens is a cozy, welcoming sight. Thanks for sharing with us on WW! ;)

  4. Your backyard is wonderful - it looks so peaceful.

  5. Beautiful reflections! You have a great backyard!

  6. What a beautiful spot to have a chair in the garden!!!


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